cheapest insurance


We have several great companies we shop to get the lowest rates and best coverage for your individual needs. We have Mercury Insurance, who is consistently one of the very lowest cost carriers, along with several other great choices we will explore on your behalf.


Whether it is a primary residence, rental property, a secondary home, or a vacation home, we can help you find the right combination of low cost and excellent coverage for your property. We work with carriers such as Mercury, Century-National, First American, Commerce West, and many more.


Our main commercial carrier is Mercury Insurance and they are very competitive on a lot of commercial situations. We could save your business hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. We write policies for many different commercial vehicles, commercial properties, business personal property, and commercial liability exposures.


Let us shop around for the best prices and coverage for your family and work with your budget needs. We work with most major carriers such as Blue Shield of California, Anthem Blue Cross, Cigna, HealthNet and Aetna.


Protect your loved ones and give yourself peace of mind. We have over 42 life insurance companies from which we can shop for the lowest price.


We offer coverage from companies such as Progressive, Foremost, McGraw to get you the right price and coverage for your motorcycle.

Recreational Vehicles
(Boats, SeaDoos, ATVs, Quads, Dirt Bikes, etc.)

Make sure to ask us for a price quote on any of your “toys”. We have several major carriers such as Progressive and Foremost to service you.


Protect your home from the unexpected. In California, it is not so much a matter of if, but rather “when” will it happen and “where” will it happen. We offer several carriers and we will shop for the lowest rate available for you.


Many ask what is an umbrella policy? Why would I need it? You need this coverage if you want to help prevent major losses from a lawsuit where you may be held liable. It is especially important to our insureds who have significant assets they wish to protect. Feel free to call us and learn about this important coverage.

Other Insurance Products Available by Request:

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (Extended Warranties)
Condo Insurance
Renters Insurance
Mobile Home Insurance
Flood Insurance