Auto Insurance for Teens in California

How to Save Money While Shopping Car Insurance for Teens

Two-wheeler crashes are the number one reason for the deaths in American teens. These types of crashes involving motorbikes are seen to be found in people between the ages of 16 to 19-year olds than in any other age bracket. These statistics are more shocking because teenagers between the ages of 15 to 24 denote just 14% of the American population. Still, they make up for 30%, which is almost $19 billion of the whole expenses of motor vehicle damages among men. This is why auto insurance for teens in California has been a matter of huge debate.

Why are packages of auto insurance for teens in California so costly?

Now many people have tried to fight for the lowering of the insurance rates for teenagers. But the facts that insurance agencies present is hard to debate.

  • It is not a matter of doubt that teenagers have considerably less experience when it comes to driving vehicles so they are much more likely to take too lightly or fail to identify perilous situations.
  • Statistics show that there are more chances of a vehicle facing an accident when a teenager is present behind the wheels.
  • Among all age groups, teenagers are notorious for not using the seatbelt.
  • Teens are also given the label of not being very attentive while driving vehicle.

Hence, even if a family is looking to secure the low-cost car insurance for teens in California it is likely that the package would cost considerably more than any other car insurance. The family can still do some research to select the ideal policy at a very affordable rate. The first step that they can take is by adding the teenage vehicle driver of the family and also one more vehicle driver to the family policy –  doing so will naturally cost the family much less than acquiring a separate car insurance policy package for the teenager. Similarly, there are plenty of ways to acquire other discounts.

Ways to avoid paying excessively for auto insurance for teens in California

The character of the child matters

Even if a family goes to the best auto insurance agency in California, the one that offers exorbitant prices for teen insurance, if the family is able to prove that the teenager is of good character and background, they can achieve a fine discount. The family can show that the teenager secures top grades in school and is a student who always secures grades over B. This warrants a good student discount on the insurance package, which means a 10 to 25% on the normal rate. The percentage of the concession will hinge on the insurer and the state they are in.

Another great way to demonstrate a child’s character is to have the teen driver sign-up for a driver’s instruction course which is recognized by the state office. After completing the course and delivering the insurance agency with a driver’s course completion record, the agency can give up to 10% discount on the normal rate.

There’s no need for collision and comprehensive coverage

Unless the family is planning to buy their child a highly expensive vehicle, it is advisable to avoid the collision and comprehensive coverage while getting auto insurance for teens in California. In case of older cars, the value is less than what the deductible amount is. The family may end up having to pay more fees in monthly premiums than they could ever acquire back from the insurer even if the vehicle is damaged.

Simple math shows that for a car valued at $1,200 in the current market, it is not sensible to pay an additional $200 or more for collision and comprehensive coverage. When checking out auto insurance quotes online the family should check out these possible deductions from the insurance package.

The safety options presented by the vehicle are important as well. The model of the car must have a sustainable record when it comes to delivering safe driving experiences.

Promax Insurance Agency incorporates these factors and many more to secure the best and low-cost auto insurance for teens in California. The agency has built a reputation for delivering the low-cost auto insurance quotes to its customers. They also make sure that the teens they deal with are informed well enough to understand the responsibilities of driving a vehicle.