Consequences of driving without insurance in California

Driving without insurance in CA is indeed a very serious offense. Not being able to present effective proof of insurance that is in line with the state necessities could cause the driver to get fines that could range around $360-$720 or more. Whether the driver is actually uninsured or has forgotten to carry his or her insurance card, a ticket is certain.

Driving Without Insurance in CA

Driving Without Insurance in CA – The Consequences

  • First Offense

For a first-time offense, the person booked will have to pay penalties between $100 and $200. That may seem like a punishment not too harsh, but that is for the reason that penalty valuation charges have not been counted. Penalty valuation is a payment that is added to the basic bail and basic penalty amounts on the violation, misdemeanor, and crime felonies.

The existing penalty valuation is $26 for every $10 of the basic penalty amount. For a penalty between $100 and $200, the person booked will be paying penalty valuation between $250 and $550, making his or her total penalty amount somewhere between $350 and $750. Furthermore, the court may instruct the booked vehicle to be impounded. Avoiding such hassle can be easily done by contacting any one of the several car-insurance expert independent insurance agents in California.

  • Second and Subsequent Offence

For a second-time offense, the harshness of the penalties will intensify and the penalties will be somewhere between $200 and $500. The penalty valuation for an amount $200-$500 would be somewhere between $50 and $1300, making the total fine somewhat between $720 and $1,800. The reason why some of the best insurance agents in California ask drivers to get car insurance is that because the average yearly rate of car insurance in California is $1,900. A second-time traffic ticket due to lack of insurance can cost the violator up to $1800 and a whole lot of hassle.

Penalties for Driving without Insurance while involved in an accident

Whenever a violator is involved in some type of a collision accident in California that caused property damage of more than $750, physical injury, or even demise, irrespective of which car owner was liable, the accident has to be testified and both car owners and drivers must deliver proof of financial accountability to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If one does not offer evidence of fiscal responsibility for his vehicle in effect at the time of the accident, in addition to the penalties, his or her license will be deferred for a compulsory twelve-month period, and the car possibly will be impounded until the violator pays the compulsory towing charge. After twelve months, the offender who has committed such traffic violations in CA can apply to have his driving rights restored on the pre-condition that he shows proof of fiscal accountability. In case the person is caught again in an accident without insurance, his license will get suspended for more than four years.

There are a lot of insurance agency services in California which help car owners secure low-cost car insurance packages without too much of a hassle. Getting car insurance and always carrying it while driving is a much smarter option than driving without insurance in CA and having to pay fines.

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