Low-Cost Health Insurance in CA

Need affordable coverage? Let us help you!

Whether you are looking for a health insurance for the first time or simply want to shop around for current rates and compare to what you currently have we are here to help! At Promax, we offer individualized quotes to find you the best health insurance in California for the lowest price.

Three Ways to Get a Quote

1. Get an Instant Quote.
Get an Instant Quote Online now by visiting www.findcoverageonline.com and search from all our carriers on one website. This option is great if you prefer to do your own research to pick a plan. You can also apply right online if you find a plan you would like select.

2. Call Us Now.
Or you can call us at 800-371-8277 and speak to a live person, this will allow us to really narrow down the choices to make the process much easier for you to research and decide what is best for you and your family.

3. Use Our Online Quote Form.
The third option is to fill out our online quote form and then we can research the plans that will best fit your budget and coverage needs.

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