cheap life insurance plans in CA

Shopping Around? Let us do the work for you!

Promax Insurance Agency is an independent agency which means we can shop rates for over 40 different life insurance companies. Having access to so many companies is a significant advantage to you when shopping for life insurance. Compare that advantage to calling just one company directly and only getting rates from that one carrier, it is no contest.

Two Ways to Get an Affordable Life Insurance Quote

1. Call Us Now.
Call us at 951-371-6007 and speak to a live person. This will allow us to make sure we get you an accurate quote based on your current health history, age, and any nicotine use. We can shop for the company that will offer you the best rate for your specific situation.

2. Use Our Online Quote Form.
The second option is to fill out our online quote form and then we can research the plans that will best fit your budget and coverage needs.

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