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Shopping Around? Let us do the work for you!

Promax Insurance Agency is an independent agency which means we can shop many different auto insurance companies for you. We work with many major carriers such as Mercury Insurance, Metlife, Century-National and much more.

Three Ways to Get a Low-Cost Auto Insurance Quote

1. Get an Instant Quote.
Get an instant quote online now by clicking this banner for a free Mercury Auto Insurance Quote.
mercury insurance free online auto insurance quote

2. Call Us Now.
Or you can call us at 951-371-6007 and speak to a live person where we can shop all of our carriers for your right over the phone. Typically we can give you a rate right over the phone in just a few minutes. This option is great if you want us to shop not only Mercury but all of our preferred carriers for you.

3. Use Our Online Quote Form.
The third option is to fill out our online quote form and then we can research the plans that will best fit your budget and coverage needs.

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