The Factors Affecting the Auto Insurance Rates in California

Auto insurance rates in California tend to be amongst the more expensive share of the nation. For instance, car insurance for an average thirty-year-old male in LA can cost about $2,500 on an average, making the state one of the costliest places in America to own a car insurance package.

Nevertheless, there are many who refuse to go down this expensive route and choose to pick the smarter one, by hiring an auto insurance agent in California who with the help of an in-depth understanding of how these rates work, secure what every Californian’s dreams and wishes for – the low-cost auto insurance in California.

Auto Insurance Rates in California

The factors affecting auto insurance rates in California

Every Californian should be aware of exactly what affects their auto insurance rates. The factors are as follows:

Credit Score

Quite a few insurance firms pay serious attention to the credit score of the car owner when deciding on what rate to hand them with. Even though there are no strict rules as to where and at what point the credit score of a car insurance applicant starts to move the auto insurance rate, in general, low credit scores usually result in high insurance premiums. This is primarily because credit scores indicate the ability of a car owner to pay insurance premiums on time.


The applicant’s profession also plays a major role in dictating auto insurance rates in California. California auto insurance companies make comparisons with an individual’s chances of initiating a car accident and their profession, and they can adjust the premium accordingly. For instance, a person working as a delivery-man or as a reporter is more prone to being regularly on the road. Thus, this individual is more vulnerable to be either a victim or a cause of a vehicular accident. On the other hand, pilots are unlikely to be driving plenty of miles on a day to day basis, so insurance rates in California are subsequently a lot lower for them.

Size of the Car

Cars which are bigger in size are usually considered safer. Compared to smaller cars, the damage they can absorb in case of a collision is a lot more than a small car. Hence, car insurance in California varies with the size of the car in question. This factor is conjoint with the safety rating the car has. The better the rating, the lower is the auto insurance rate.

Age of the Car

Older cars are more prone to breakdowns and accidents, hence car insurance for vehicles over a specific age costs more compared to newer vehicles.

Different types of auto insurances available in California

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers the insured person in case he or she causes an accident. Liability insurance covers costs such as- repairing property damage, medical bills.

Collision Coverage

Covers for car repair in case of a collision.

Comprehensive Coverage

Covers unforeseen costs such as weather risks, in case the vehicle is damaged by an animal, etc, over and above the normal coverage.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

PIP is not obligatory in the state of California. It is an additional auto insurance premium paid to cover personal injuries.

There are a lot of smart things such as avoiding collision, comprehensive coverage for older cars and raising deductibles, which can be done to reduce the average cost of car insurance. Getting the best online auto insurance quotes with the help of an auto insurance agent is highly advisable.

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