average car insurance in California

average car insurance in California

Average Car Insurance Premiums in California

According to a research led by the Quadrant Information Services, the average car insurance cost spent on an annual basis in the United States was roundabout $907.38. This amount may seem rather affordable to someone living in California because the average car insurance in California is a lot costlier. Car insurance rates in the state tend to be amongst the costlier share of the country, but rates in all the regions, do not necessarily have to be so extravagant.

Auto insurance in Los Angeles can cost on an average, up to $2,500, for a thirty-year-old male, making it one of the most expensive in the country. However, there are some who tackle this issue by hiring an auto insurance agent who helps them in securing the low-cost auto insurances in CA. San Diego, another well-known city of the region, boasts a population of 1.3 million, and annual auto insurance rates cost as less as $1,446 on an average, an amount that is rather a low cost.

Overall, compared to the average car insurance in California, America has a diverse range of insurance rates. Michigan is the most expensive, on an overall average. It heads the country with an average rate of over two thousand dollars. Maine, Ohio, and Idaho, on the other hand are the low-cost, all averaging below $950 per annum.

Unlikely Factors Which Play a Huge Role in Car Insurance Rates

Credit Score

Several insurance firms take the car owner’s credit score into account when deciding on the rate. There is no exact point where the credit score of a car owner starts to affect the auto insurance rate, but on the whole, lower scores result in higher insurance premiums.


California Auto insurance firms may also make parallels between an individual’s risk of causing a vehicular accident and their occupation, and they can regulate the premium accordingly. For example, if an auto insurance agency in CA thinks that one of the clients is most likely to cause a car accident, they will in all likeliness, increase his or her premium.
Delivery men and journalists are constantly on the move. This makes them more susceptible to be a victim of an accident. Since airline pilots are less likely to be driving a lot, the rates for them may be different.

Vehicle Dimensions

Bigger cars are installed with better safety mechanisms like longer hoods and larger crush-zones. So, they are considered to be safer than smaller cars. Therefore, car insurance in CA is affordable for bigger cars, compared to smaller cars, even when the smaller cars have good safety ratings.

Age of the Car

While the reparation charges of an older car are comparable to the expenses of a newer car, an older car is likelier to be involved in an accident due to lack of safety features. So it is costlier.

How an Auto Insurance Agent can help to reduce average car insurance in California

Save Money

Appointing an independent insurance agent instead of going through an explicit insurance policy company can potentially save the car owner a lot of money. The agent uses car insurance premium calculator in order to offer the customers a wide range of policies instead of focusing on policies provided by only one company. Not only does it open the option of the client availing affordable options like online auto insurance in CA, it also gives the customers a freedom of choice.

Balanced Opinion

Independent agents do not work for commission. They have no partiality for one firm over another enabling the vehicle owner to have access to a set of balanced opinions. California auto insurance agents can be severely resourceful, when sought out and exploited to the fullest extent.

Custom-made Experience

The agents working for big insurance companies are usually the sole factor behind driving up the average car insurance in California. This is because they tend to hurry clients into picking a policy and end up making them pay extra. But this will not be the case with an independent agent.

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