A Guide to Get the Best Auto Insurance in Orange County CA

In order to drive legally in Orange County, you should have some knowledge about auto insurance in Orange County CA. As per the law, you are required to have insurance coverage. There are myriad of insurance packages that you can choose from, depending upon your needs. Yet, in the United States, you’ve to have a set minimum coverage as per the law, which is known as a liability. So you are bound by the law to have this minimum coverage. You are not allowed to drive around without the liability.

Auto Insurance in Orange County CA

Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements for California

It’s not about whose vehicle you are driving. As long as you are behind the wheel you should have insurance coverage. Even if you don’t drive but are an owner of a vehicle in California you are required by law to have auto insurance. In the case of a bodily injury, the liability coverage is $15,000 for each person and it is $30,000 for an accident. The liability for damage to a property is $5000. This is the minimum coverage of the auto insurance in Orange County CA, that you should have.

We don’t recommend the minimum coverage because if the accident is a little severe, it might not be able to cover all the costs associated with it. We offer home and health insurance as well and if you get these insurances from us. This way, you can go for the low-cost auto insurance in Orange County CA and can cover the medical cost through our health insurance. If there is any damage to the property, you won’t have to rely on your car insurance, our home insurance package will take care of the damage to the property.

Don’t Look for the affordable Rates

If you are in the market only for auto insurance, we recommend you to look at the collision and comprehensive auto insurance in Orange County CA. Through this insurance, we will provide you with complete protection. This package will cover any of the medical costs and the vehicle repair damage, the cost incurred as a result of an accident.

What people don’t consider and what should not be ignored is the non-traffic related damages. It’s our job at Mercury insurance Orange County CA, to inform any client who comes in, about our comprehensive packages. Theft of a car is a very real threat, what happens if you have the minimum coverage. Nothing, you’ll have to bear the burden yourself and will have to get a new car.

Mercury Insurance Orange County, CA, Detailers Package

Then there is the oft-happening keying of the cars. You see it on a daily basis, your friend’s upset because someone keyed the car in the parking lot. For those people who love to take care of their cars and are into detailing their cars, that scratch is very prominent. Getting rid of that scratch requires payment to a professional. We at Mercury insurance Orange County CA, have the comprehensive packages designed especially for our detailer clients, to protect them from vandalism and any damage caused due to weather to their vehicles

Liability Coverage is not Enough

The liability coverage makes sense only in such a scenario. If you are only getting auto insurance, then it is not feasible to go for the minimum possible coverage. You don’t want to fret about whether or not your insurance will cover the damages. A proper insurance should offer the peace of mind, you should be confident that your insurance has you properly covered. This is what we at Mercury insurance Orange County CA, firmly believe. We have packages that offer complete protection from every aspect.

Carry the Proof of Insurance with you

Firstly, you must at all times have the proof of insurance with you. If you are caught driving around without the proof of auto insurance in Orange County CA, you will get fined. Furthermore, you can possibly lose your registration or can even have your license suspended. The first time you are caught without driving around without the proof of insurance, your license will be suspended for about three months and you’ll have to pay a $300 fine. Subsequent failure to carry around the proof of insurance can land you significantly increased fines. So make sure that you have proof of auto insurance in Orange County CA, with you at all times.

Clean Driving Record Helps

If you are looking for low auto insurance in Orange County CA, rates, the best possible way to go about it is to have a clean driving record. We do provide better rates to customers who have a clean driving record. The auto insurance quote from us will have significantly lower rates if you are a responsible driver. A clean driving record is a plus point, we recognize it and try to reward it with lower insurance rates.