Affordable Car Insurance in California

Today, when you wish to insure your car, your options conveniently boil down to either the affordable auto insurance your friends have got or the name you frequently hear on the radio when you’re driving back home. However, it is essential to choose the correct agency in order to purchase viable and affordable car insurance in California.

In California, drivers must carry liability insurance of $15,000 for injury/death to one person, $30,000 for injury/death to more than one person and $5,000 for damage to property. The average cost for each death in a motor vehicle accident is $1,130,000 and the average cost for each nonfatal disabling injury is $61,600. Moreover, the average cost for each property damage crash (includes non-disabling injuries) is $7,500.

If you are pulled over without proof of car insurance or any other form of financial responsibility, you may face a fine of $100 – $200 for your first offense and $200 – $500 for each offense within 3 years after your first.

The court may also impound your car and hold it until you are able to show a proof of insurance.

affordable Car Insurance in California

affordable car insurance in California

What to look at when buying insurance?

Insurance Rate

The insurance rate that you are offered by your insurance company is based on several factors that comprise how much of a “risk” you pose to the company, that is, how likely it is that you will be making a claim. The more of a risk you pose, the higher your rate will be. Companies use data such as your sex, age, driving record, criminal record, and credit rating and where you live to determine your risk. Promax, thus, helps you take all of this into consideration and provides you with affordable car insurance in California.


If you are involved in an accident and therefore file a claim, you are required to pay your deductible before the insurance company pays the rest of your bill. By raising your deductible, you are free to lower your annual/ semi-annual insurance payment, which may prove to be a better option, as the chances of your involvement in an accident are usually fairly low. However, setting your deductible too high may make it difficult for you to pay it in case you do have an accident. We ensure that you get a reasonable deductible and affordable car insurance in California.


Insurance companies often offer many types of discounts, usually based on criteria of certain safety features in your car, having a clean driving record, owning a hybrid vehicle, belonging to a certain organization etc. It is important for you to inquire about these discounts and apply for them while shopping for affordable car insurance in California if you meet the eligibility criteria.


Auto insurance is easier on your budget if you could pay the premium in monthly installments instead of an annual lump sum. Quarterly payments are also ideal. Most insurers offer at least annual and six-month premium payment options. Those that offer more frequent payment options often tack on a several-dollar surcharge or, conversely, offer discounts to those who pay the entire annual bill at once. Promax gives you more frequent payment options along with an affordable insurance policy and online insurance quotes.


In order to be able to claim your insurance at any given time, you should make sure your insurance company has a 24×7 helpline. Ask, too, if there are any special requirements when filing a claim. In general, you just have to give your name and address, the names and addresses of anyone injured in the accident or who witnessed it, and general information about the nature of the loss or claim.

Aftermarket or OEM parts?

If an insurer only covers aftermarket parts, it doesn’t mean you have to rule them out, especially if their rates are good and they have a solid reputation. Moreover, you can always pay a little extra to upgrade from aftermarket parts to OEM parts if you find their overall rates attractive. We advise our customers to be thorough with the policies and ensure upgrades while providing affordable auto insurance.

Insurance Agency

When one discusses complicated matters like insurance, it can be very helpful to actually meet with an agent and go over things in person. Sometimes, just seeing things written out makes them easier to comprehend and helps you get an affordable auto insurance. People who meet with their agent in-person often receive better customer service. When you’re here, tell us if you’d like to receive an annual personal insurance review. As a really quality agency, we will offer this service upon request. Annual reviews help ensure you’re not paying for coverage you no longer need, and that you’re always carrying the coverage you do need.

Online Insurance Quotes

We, at Promax, recommend getting at least four online car insurance quotes to ensure you are getting the right price. A lot of people pay high rates on car insurance than they should because they haven’t gotten an online insurance quote from at least four insurance companies. There are many people don’t have the energy or time to visit multiple sites and answer the same long list of questions over and over again. Therefore, we make sure that you get all the quotes from us so you can compare them thoroughly and hence get an affordable car insurance in California.

Liability insurance covers the costs of anyone who’s injured or dies as a result of a car crash you caused, plus damage to their vehicle, any property damage, and legal fees. While liability coverage is the only type of car insurance coverage you are required to carry in California, there are several other types of coverage available to you. Always remember to get these insurance quotes, online.


This covers repairs to your car after an accident, carries no matter which party was at fault. You generally have to pony up for the deductible, which is a set amount of money you agreed to pay before the insurance company kicks in the remainder. Collision coverage is advisable but only if your car is newer.


Comprehensive pays for damage to your vehicle from non-crash incidents, such as fire, vandalism, acts of nature and theft. This coverage carries a deductible, too. Whether or not it’s wise to purchase comprehensive depends on the value of your car.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist protection

Usually less expensive than collision and comprehensive, Uninsured and Uninsured Motor Protection cover the costs of your car’s repairs if an uninsured or under-insured driver hits you. There’s no deductible in this type of coverage.

Personal injury protection

This pays for medical expenses and wages that are lost to you or the passengers in your car if someone hits you. Moreover, if you are injured while riding in someone else’s car, it will also cover those medical bills. However, if you’re healthy and have a disability policy, you can opt for the minimum coverage.

We make sure you get the affordable auto insurance by helping our customers get the best. We make sure you are aware of facts like married drivers pay less for car insurance on average and that homeowners get lower auto insurance rates. You can call us at 800.371.8277 and speak to a live person where we can shop all of our carriers for your right over the phone and we also provide an online quote form!

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