All you need to know about Emergency Medical Insurance

The last report on accidental deaths in the US from the National Safety Council stated that in 2014, over 136,000 Americans died in an accident. Since then, the importance of emergency medical insurance in CA has been realized by many. However, a lot of insurance policyholders still seem to be unaware of this policy’s importance.

Emergency Medical Insurance in CA

Emergency Medical Insurance as Compared to Normal Health Insurance Coverage –

The Emergency Medical Insurance Plan covers treatment for unforeseen illnesses or injuries sustained while traveling. Unlike normal health insurance plans, these benefits do not offer coverage for regular checkups.

Emergency Medical Insurance in CA, the types –

There are two types of Emergency Health Insurance packages – primary and secondary. Primary coverage offers to pay a claim initially, irrespective of any other health insurance policy a traveler may or may not have. Secondary coverage pays claims only after the traveler has filed with his or her main health insurance company.
Secondary travel medical insurance packages necessitate travelers to pay for remedial care on their own. After that is done, the travelers can file a claim for compensation once they come back home. In some situations, a policy provider may be required to pre-authorize the compensation of medical fees under the Emergency Medical assistance, but it isn’t certain.

This coverage offers reimbursement for emergency medical care if the policyholder experiences –

  • An unexpected or unforeseen disease or injury that is life-threatening or which could cause permanent harm if left unattended.
  • A wound or contagion or broken tooth that entails instant treatment by a professional dentist.

Practical and normal expenses usually covered take in:

  • services of doctors
  • operation, anesthesia, scans and lab expenses
  • ambulance costs
  • prescription medications
  • prosthetics and healing facilities and provisions

Unlike normal health insurance packages, travel insurance compensates the policyholder for his or her medical costs while on the journey. The policyholders will probably have to pay their medical expenses on their own, and then receive the compensation amount from the insurance firm. A travel insurance policy can also advance imbursement to a medical institution, but these decisions are made on a case to case basis and only some insurance agency services in California offer this feature.

What is not covered in these Insurance Policy Packages?

Medical expenditures ensuing from the following incidents are not covered in emergency medical insurance in CA:

  • past medical circumstances
  • self-harm or any attempt at committing suicide
  • damage or infection due to alcohol or drug usage
  • wounds related to partaking in specialized, semi-professional, or unprofessional athletic endeavors (except explicitly counted in the policy coverage)
  • Wounds related to partaking in dangerous activities such as skiing, diving, etc.
  • superficial or elective procedures
  • cerebral, nervous, or mental disorders
  • standard pregnancy, subsequent childbirth, or abortion

The best insurance agents in California offer policy package plans that exclude coverage for dental procedures unless these are specifically covered in the policy. Emergency medical insurance in CA has become popular solely for the additional benefits it offers to the clients. Not only does it make traveling a lot easier for these policyholders, they are also enabled to shape the package in a customized manner so that they can protect themselves from dangers that they feel is particularly imminent to them.

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