What is “Full Coverage”?

full coverageMany people ask me for a car insurance quote with “full coverage”. I once had a gentleman request a quote for “basic minimum full coverage” requirements, but he also wanted to be “fully covered for whatever might happen” to him in an accident.

I explained to him that it is impossible to have it both ways (basic and unlimited) and that the policy will only cover him up to the policy limits that he selects. The truth is, there is no such thing as unlimited coverage, but we work with our clients to get the amount of coverage they want. The real problem here is that there is no consistent definition of the term “full coverage”. To one person this might mean minimum limits with comprehensive and collision coverage added, whereas to another person, “full coverage” may be defined as all that plus towing, rental car, and medical.

Because it is so confusing, we avoid using the term “full coverage” at Promax Insurance Agency, Inc. You may hear “Full coverage” terminology used by the general public and it could be misleading. There is no way that “all scenarios” of possible auto risk are always covered.

When you call us for a quote we like to start by determining what exact coverage you are shopping for, then we do an “apples to apples” quote comparison to see if we can save you money on identical coverage by shopping a variety of carriers. Be sure to have your current policy available for reference so that the new policy quotation includes the same coverage and limits as your current policy. And always be sure to get all quotes in writing to make absolutely sure the coverage quoted meets your needs.