Why the need for Health Care Insurance

The state of California is home to over 38 million individuals, giving it the tag of the most densely inhabited state in the U.S.A. With approximately 156,000 square miles, the state is the third largest in terms of size. Needless to say, statistics like this make the role of the health care provider in California a crucial one.

The evolving role of the health care provider in California

Health Care Provider in CaliforniaCalifornia is placed above the nationwide average on numerous measures of resident’s health but faces considerable environmental health trials. In comparison with other states, the state of California has amongst the five lowermost rates of smoking, stoutness, and physical idleness, and violent law-breaking have reduced by 54% over the past twenty years. Nevertheless, high stages of air contamination in addition to a prolonged period of extreme and record droughts offer incessant public health trials to the state.

Consequently, this has given way to a rise in the number of ways for the government to ensure that the health insurance set-up of the state is beneficial to the citizens financially –

For family units

For a majority of people who pay for medical insurance, the shift to getting affiliated with a health insurance agency in California is likely to lessen the fee for overall healthcare while increasing coverage.


Workers will pay a percentage of their salary to a health care provider in California and evade the worst type of experience which is the expenditure of negotiating, procuring, and managing health assistance for separate employees. It is expected that aids to the system will be fewer than the present rate of private insurance.

The Taxpayer

Over one-half of all health care expenses in the nation are even now paid for with tax money. The government also recompenses a momentous share of the private health insurance for municipal workers. Affiliation with a health care provider in California is a societal technique of the system which helps in stretching tax dollars by means of cost savings.

All of these factors made way for the Affordable Care Act. The basic idea behind this initiative was simple –encouraging each and every citizen of the country to get affiliated with a health care provider in California, so that the health of the population fortifies all portions of the economy. An improved labor force in terms of health is intrinsically a much more prolific labor force.

Should health care be mandatory?

Health Insurance at its core is a method for the society to circulate money so that the people in genuine need are addressed with adequate aid. A key goal of the Affordable Care Act was to spread health coverage to several of the 42 million non-elderly uninsured people around the country, together with several of the 5.8 million who resided in California.

Benefits like this have given way to possible penalties and fines –

Not having health insurance can cost an adult $695. For a child, it is $347.50. For each family, it is $2,085, which is roughly 2.5% of a family’s income. Those under the age of 30 and those facing some kind of adversity or affordability issues may also buy calamitous plans.

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