Affordable Health Insurance Plans for College Students

Health insurance for students in CA has for quite some time been a matter of concern for young students and parents alike. Thankfully, the road is looking brighter for young students seeking relevant coverage, for the reason that under the new Affordable Care Act (ACA), students have an improvised set of health insurance opportunities making it easier for them to get the care that they deserve. It needs to be understood that even though a student may be young, fit and physically active, getting health coverage is of great significance. With each passing year, we see several college students getting injured in harsh accidents or getting hospitalized due to illnesses. Without the proper health coverage, this can cost them a lot of money, landing them in debt and more importantly, putting a risk on their long-term health.

Health insurance for students in CA

The benefits and necessity of having Health insurance for students in CA –

When a student has proper health coverage, the following are the advantages-
 They get medical and preventive care.
 Regular check-ups, health examinations, sexual and mental healthcare is taken care of.
 Getting medical insurance for students means that they can sidestep the ACA penalty for the reason that majority of the people are obligated by law to have a health insurance plan or concede a tax-penalty. The estimated cost of the penalty for not having a health insurance package in 2016-17 was around $700 – a charge that is added on the individuals following federal tax return. Bearing a simple health insurance cost is a much better option compared to this.
 Some plans omitted precautionary services from the insurance coverage and a few plans have recently restricted payment for aids such as prescription medications.
 Student health insurance plans also differed in terms of percentages and tax benefits, with yearly premiums fluctuating from $30-2,400 and max-benefits extending from $2,500 for a particular disease or injury to limitless lifetime coverage.

Health insurance for students in CA – the options according to the best insurance agents in California

Parent’s Plan (until the age of 26)

Young adults now have the option of staying on their parent’s health insurance package until they reach the age of 26.  They are qualified to join and continue on a parent’s plan even though they are monetarily independent of their family, don’t share the house, are wedded, or are qualified for insurance via their own employer. A lot of insurance agency services in California recommend these types of packages to students who feel that they are not financially educated enough to understand the nuances of such packages. By the time they reach the age of 26, they can learn everything that there is about having a health insurance policy.


Funded and heavily promoted by the State of California and the federal government, Medi-Cal is essentially a public health insurance program which offers free-of-cost or very inexpensive health coverage mainly for students who have children, pregnant females, and families who have a very low-income rate. There are several independent insurance agents in California who help people avail of this service.

Coverage for OCC International Students

It is necessary for all international students to acquire this health insurance package via the International Center.

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