Health Insurance in California – Plans

Everyone cares about their health. They want to be healthy so that they can enjoy life. Life is meaningless without health. Your health impacts everything you do. The quality of life is low if you are not healthy. However, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle, with minimal visits to the hospital. In a case of an injury, you’ll have to visit a hospital. Health insurance in California can be either affordable or expensive. Medical bills are huge and without an insurance coverage, it becomes a strain on the budget. A number of people have gone bankrupt because they had no health coverage and were unable to afford the huge medical bills.

Health Insurance in California

Health Insurance is a Necessity

One cannot predict an accident or an injury. So no matter how healthy one is, never know when we might have to visit a hospital. However, if and when such a situation arises, Health Insurance in California helps afford the healthcare.

To ensure that the family gets the best healthcare family health insurance in California ensures that we don’t have to worry about the hospital bills when in need.

  • There are four kinds of Health Insurance in California. They are:
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Bronze Plan

The extent of coverage depends on the plan we choose. The most affordable of them is the Bronze plan.. With regard to the Bronze Plan in the health insurance in California,  the monthly premium will be very minimal. But the maximum amount would have to be paid in the hospital. The bronze plan covers almost 60% of the cost and the remaining 40% of the expenses have to be borne by the user.

Silver Plan

The silver plan is like an entry level insurance plan.  The premium is a lesser than the Gold plan.. However, the coverage for this plan is more than the Bronze plan. Those whose income is below a certain level, the Silver Plan policy helps in out of pocket assistance.So, choosing the silver plan for the family health insurance in California helps in saving more when compared to the gold plan. On an average, a silver plan covers 70% of the medical costs and the remaining 30% is paid by the user.

Gold Plan

If the family or self-made regular visits to the doctor and get regular medical prescriptions, the above two plans might not be suitable. It might be wise to consider the Gold Plan package for the Family Health Insurance in California. It covers about 80% of the medical bills. The monthly premium may be high, but when you consider the overall cost, you still save money with this package.

Platinum Plan

The Platinum Plans offer the best health insurance in California. These plans offer the maximum coverage but are a little expensive compared to the others. Roughly in this plan, 90% of the medical cost is covered by the insurance company and you only have to pay 10% of the cost.

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