4 Reasons Independent Insurance Agents will change the way you think about insurance

Finding the right insurance for you can be a complicated and very timely process. There are multiple types of insurance, with different insurance agency services in California offering special discounts and rewards for good drivers among many other things. Sifting through your options, trying to work out what is best for you, that meets your requirements whilst at a low cost can take ages! For this reason, many people often choose to work with an independent insurance agency in Southern California.

insurance agency services in california

SoCal insurance agents cover a range of different types of insurance, applying their experience and expertise in the industry to find the best cover on the market for you. So what do independent insurance agents often cover?


Car accidents are so frequent, whether or not you are at fault, so having fully comprehensive auto insurance is absolutely necessary in order to ensure you do not have to rob a bank if you are ever liable for legal and medical costs. Protecting you by finding a company that covers you, your medical history and the previous driving record will give you peace of mind when on the road.


In the event of a fire, break-in or even a repair job as a result of a council issue, home insurance is essential. Home insurance varies so much depending on the type of home, the number of bedrooms, area that the home is in that getting free insurance quotes from an independent agent is advised.


Comparing quotes from different insurance agency services is the best way to go about finding health insurance coverage. Most of the times, there are special discounts if you cover your entire family, so it is best to go through an expert in order to be made aware of the top deals.


Finding life insurance is a morbid but necessary task everyone has to undertake. In the event that you pass, you want to make sure that everything is tied off and you aren’t leaving your distraught relatives to foot the bill you were liable for.


Motorcycle insurance is instrumental if you have decided to start riding a bike. With the high risk of an accident combined with whatever the driving history you may have, having great cover at a low price can be tricky to find. However, independent insurance agents should help to get you something valuable at a low price.


If you are in a high-risk earthquake zone and do not have earthquake insurance cover already, you need to be informed that all other insurance such as house, health or car may exempt earthquakes. It is important to assess what you are covered for and speak with an independent SoCal insurance agent about your options.

Why go with Independent Insurance Agency Services in California?

So, with just some of the wealth of options you have from independent insurance agency services, you can see why many customers use the support, leaning on their expertise to shop the market. Here are 4 reasons as to why it is better to go with an independent agent.

  1. Independent Agents shop for you

The most appealing and popular reason for using independent insurance agency services in California is that the time and effort put into finding a great cover is taken off your hands. The experts shop the market for you by taking all the relevant details and applying to the different companies on the market to find low comparable quotes for you.

  1. You are the business, you are the priority

Unlike going to an insurance company and asking for different quotes, they have a cap on what they can lower and they are sure as anything going to try and make you pay as much as possible without giving you any knowledge of their competitors’ prices. Making a profit is their priority. However, an independent SoCal insurance agent is working solely for you. Their job, their business is to get you something you are significantly satisfied with at the lowest rate possible. Taking away the spiel that everyone likes to present customers with when it comes down to it, you are the priority as having a portfolio of extremely happy customers is what keeps their business going.

  1. Personalized experience and exceptional customer service

Customer service is a must in this business as the team you are dealing with is trying to support you in finding one of your biggest investments in life. Independent insurance agency services in California are often so much more tailored than going with an insurance company. They work to give a bespoke service to get as much information as possible from you so that they can find a cover amongst the hundreds of companies that are highly suitable and matches your budget!

  1. Well informed when it comes to policy renewal

When your policy comes up to its renewal date, it is often very easy for customers to stay on if the price hasn’t been as bad you had expected, and if you feel they are doing a good job. More importantly, the hassle it takes to search again for another insurance company is so off-putting, it is easier to just stay where you are. An independent insurance agent will do all this for you and can use their expertise and database of knowledge to see immediately whether you are paying a low rate in comparison to the rest of the market. You may also be unaware of any discounts and rewards you could get for being a loyal customer with your current cover, or whether switching will mean you will be rewarded by a better, more valuable company.

Finding the best service is always recommended through independent agents. You can use them to your advantage and save thousands of dollars in the long run. Independent insurance agency services in California are advised when looking for any type of cover to have a true, and lucrative insight, rather than the stress and complexities you find when going it alone.