Mobile Home Insurance versus Traditional Home Insurance

Mobile home Insurance in CA is a rather misunderstood service, solely for the reason that the term ‘mobile homes’ itself is misunderstood. From the outside, mobile homes do not appear that different, and more than often Mobile, Manufactured, Modular and traditional homes are confused for one another. However, manufactured homes differ because they have different codes they must follow.

Mobile home Insurance in CA

The key differences that one should know

Mobile homes and manufactured homes were first officially distinguished from each other in 1976. The distinctions were made clear when the National Mobile Home Construction and Safety Act was founded. The act that was passed was called the ‘HUD Code’ and is strictly applicable to the process of getting mobile home Insurance in CA. It set standards and differences for the four types of homes (mobile, manufactured, modular, and traditional) on the basis of the following parameters –

  • Construction and Design – There are key differences in their design. For example, construction time and expenses can be extremely reduced in mobile homes (as much as 50%) as compared to traditional homes. This is mainly because modular homes constructed in factories do not have to worry about material compensations or work slowdown because of rain, snow, etc. This is why manufactured home insurance is usually affordable than traditional insurance.
  • Body and frame requirements – Manufactured homes are constructed and transported on flatbed trucks in 10’-12’ foot units. Traditional homes have no such requirements.
  • Thermal guard, Plumbing, Electrical and Fire safety – The HUD code has set different standards for the thermal guard, plumbing, heating air-conditioning and electrical systems for all the types of houses. The HUD Code also guarantees amenability with these standards with a detailed inspection procedure that takes place at every step as the home gets constructed, either at the factory (for modular homes) or on-site (for traditional homes).

The differences between traditional homeowners’ insurance and mobile (manufactured) home insurance

To understand the differences between the two, what first needs to be understood is – What does Mobile (manufactured) Home Insurance Cover? According to California homeowners’ insurance laws, there are some key differences.

The coverage required for mobile and modular homes is actually quite similar to that of a traditional home insurance package. The basis of the policy and total coverage required will depend on

  • The size of the home
  • Value of the home
  • Whether the person who owns the mobile home also owns the land the home is getting constructed on. The owner must check a few California home insurance quote websites to see the price differences
  • The immediate risks in the area (for instance if the house is situated next to a river, an insurance for that will be necessary)
  • Certain other factors

The basic categories of coverage in Mobile Home Insurance in CA

Mobile Home Liability Coverage – This type of coverage is needed in case the owner of the mobile home has a visitor on his or her property and the guest gets injured due to the owner’s negligence. This coverage also works in case the owner has damaged someone else’s property and a lawsuit has been filed.

Property damage – This covers any noteworthy loss to the property that needs repair. This is a must-have for most mobile home owners and is one of the key aspects of getting mobile home Insurance in CA.

Personal property – This covers the mobile home owner’s belongings in case of break-in or theft, on top of damage or loss as a result of weather-related causes or natural disasters such as fires, earthquakes, storms, etc.

Basic insurance coverage costs –

  • $30,000 coverage for single-section manufactured homes
  • $45,000 for double-section homes

Average Monthly Premiums –

Modular home insurance vs. Mobile Home Insurance

  • The two have very different fee structures for the variances in the categories of homes they insure.
  • Rates vary a lot depending on the state.
  • For the reason that mobile and manufactured homes have a tendency of having lower total value than a modular/traditional home, their insurance charges are usually lower.

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