How the safety features in your vehicle helps to reduce Motor Insurance premium?

Motor insurance in California and in other major cities where there are a huge number of vehicle owners is often a matter of huge debate. Most citizens tend to believe that motor insurance is far too costly. However, what they fail to realize is that by using simple tools of safety which they can easily get at their disposal, reduction of car insurance prices is actually very simple. Getting car safety devices is a great way of reducing the premium for auto insurance in CA and in other places where there are constant complaints of the premium being too high, as long as the devices that are chosen have been approved by the provider.

 Motor insurance in California

Safety Features That Can Lower Motor insurance in California

The following are some of the best safety features for car-based concessions on motor insurance premium. They are not only lowering the premium but also reduce life risks to a considerable extent.

  • Seatbelts and Airbags

These two are the bare essentials of car safety. Although most will assume that every car comes with these features built-in from the factory, experts in Orange County auto insurance insist that the owner should at least be presented with a concession. The level of mechanical provisions compulsory to meet the requirements differs with each individual guarantor or insurer. Some reduce the car insurance charges if the user has new automatic seatbelts, while other insurers maintain stages of concessions regarding passenger side, impact on the side, and additional airbags. Keeping these two devices up-to-date has helped many vehicle owners qualify for better discounts with respect to motor insurance in California, along with enhancing the security performance of the cars.

  • Anti-theft Devices

Regardless of whether or not these features come pre-installed with the car or they are later added, California car insurance holders have reported that the presence of anti-theft devices is a blessing for owners looking to get a discount on their car insurance premium. Devices like alarms and navigation based tools – the ones that enable the car companies to gain access to all of their vehicles, make the owner of such cars eligible for discounts. These discounts are characteristically high, sometimes, even as much as 10-25% concession on the total premium amount. Especially in cities where the threat of car thefts is pretty high, vehicle owners must consider this safety feature.
It is advisable for people looking for auto insurance quotes online in Orange County CA to get these features installed on their cars before finalizing on a deal. Any device that makes a car less susceptible to theft makes the owner of the car a less risky person in the eyes of the insurer.

  • Traction Control

A majority of the modern automobiles, the vehicles that are being manufactured in the post 2008/10 era, come fortified with some type of stability or traction control. Anyone familiar with motor insurance in California will be aware of the fact that insurance companies propose savings for owners whose automobiles have the technology that employs sensors, microprocessors, and precise panels in the vehicle to avert sliding and rotating out. This is because crashes concerning cars with this tool have dues and losses that are more than 15 percent less on an average than crashes concerning the ones without.

The installation of such safety devices not only makes driving safer, they sufficiently pay for themselves, offering a 100% ROI through discounts on monthly car insurance premiums. People opting for motor insurance in California and in other such major states should know the importance of these devices.

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