Why You Need the Renters’ Insurance

Whether or not to go for renters insurance in Orange County CA is a highly debated topic amongst all residents living as tenants. Why should tenants take up an additional cost of insurance when the owner of the house has already insured the property? This is the most common question raised by tenants who don’t like the idea of paying a little extra. However, there are several benefits to having a renter’s insurance that most people may not know.

renters insurance in Orange County CA


Why having Renters Insurance in Orange County CA is important?

When it comes to personal belongings, be it a big machine like a TV or even a small little phone book, in rental spaces the tenant’s private possessions are solely his responsibility in case there’s some form of damage caused. Hence, it is not actually a bad idea to spend a few extra bucks to get insurance coverage in the occurrence of unforeseeable events such as –

  • Theft – The house insurance does not cover possessions that are stolen in a theft/robbery
  • Natural disasters
  • Fire

Renters Insurance in Orange County CA is relatively affordable

Over 60% of American renters mention charges as their main reason for not purchasing coverage, surveys by rent.com have shown. However, that reason just does not stand true at all. The normal cost of renters’ insurance is a lot less than an average California homeowners’ insurance policy and overall, it is a lot less than what most people think it is. Most renters’ policies are as inexpensive as $1 a day. The average cost of such a policy is somewhat around $15 each month.

When the tenant adds up how much his apartment furniture and personal possessions really are worth, spending $15 on insuring them sounds like a no-brainer. Most Californians spend four times that cost monthly on coffee. Hence, acting like getting a renters’ insurance is as hard as settling for an overpriced California home insurance quote is simply wrong.

It is also very easy to see how much coverage one can afford. Most insurance companies who provide renters insurance in Orange County CA put certain tools up on their websites which can be used to calculate the projected value of the belongings in a rental space. So, figuring out exactly how much coverage is needed is also quite simple.

Getting an HO4 Insurance Policy is actually very helpful

HO4 is categorized under the Insurance Services Office Inc. (ISO). This form of insurance policies is created to help tenants. Just as home insurance is considered a must for homeowners, tenants should see this provision as something of great use. Some other additional benefits of tenant insurance offers are–

  • There is no coverage for the house structure. The tenant can simply pay for what he owns.
  • It is specially planned to protect occupants from the liability dangers of physical damage or property/possession loss caused as a result of neglect or other reasons mentioned in the policy.

Renters insurance in Orange County CA gives the occupant a sense of comfort and peace of mind. It is the ideal and affordable way of stepping out of the house in a relaxed mind.

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